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T he Puces’ newest flea market is also one of the most startling architectural locations. At the
centuries, Art Deco, industrial furnishings, etc. Go up to immerse yourself in a true flea market atmosphere. Book dealers are grouped together in a place called “Le Carré des Libraires” [The Book Dealer’s Square]. Following on this theme, there is a record shop square where a superb selection of vinyl records and hi-fi equipment from the last century can be found.
If you are going to bring children to the flea market, then Dauphine is your best choice, with options to satisfy their appetites and give them things to discover. Passers-by can also rummage through vintage clothing, jewelry, photography and comic book stores. Last but not least, antique painting sellers and frame restorers can’t be missed.
A world of discoveries
  beginning of the 1990s, a
glass-covered hall was built in an ancient Baltard-style passageway, just
like the pavilion of the same name located at Nogent-sur-Marne.
The Dauphine Market differentiates itself from other markets through its unique and friendly boutiques. Founded in the 1960s by Matti Suuronen, a Finnish architect, the Maison Futuro, on the first floor, is the darling of the market’s visitors. This habitable flying saucer, that would be at home in an old science-fiction movie, can be seen in many photos. On the ground floor you can also find general antique merchants as well as those specializing in a variety of eras: 18th and 19th

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