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 D uring the 20th century, the Biron Market attracted the
vendors market their wares, by focusing on restoring objects that they have collected with the aim of offering quality merchandise. Biron quite quickly became the place where one could find antique furniture of the finest standards, as well as gilded wood.
The 220 stands in the Biron Market that uphold its reputation by continuing to sell high quality objects, thus attracting celebrities. If you are looking for jewelry, furniture, paintings, lighting or rugs from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, or if you just want to wander among these marvels, the merchants in Biron will be able to make your dreams come true. With its well-established reputation, its aura and its global impact, this market has been dubbed the “Faubourg Saint-Honoré des Puces”.
Elegant alleyways
  Fine Art artists, from Colette to André Breton through Picasso, were all
looking for unique forms of antiques. It’s no surprise that the history of the market is tied up with excellence.
In 1925, a team of antique merchants were threatened with expulsion from Saint-Ouen. They decided to set up on a piece of land right next to the Vernaison Market, between the rue des Rosiers and the avenue Michelet. For the first time, the stands were spread out along two parallel alleyways that run from one end to the other of the market, giving them access to a significant amount of traffic. This clear strategy is also evidenced by the way the

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